Free CNA Classes in Texas

To become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) in Texas, candidates must enroll in a state approved nursing assistant program, and pass a certification exam upon completion of applicable coursework. Free or low cost CNA certification programs are available for employment opportunities at long-term care facilities, nursing home facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospice settings, hospitals, and home health facilities.

Free CNA Classes in TexasCNAs are responsible for providing medical and non-medical care for injured, sick, elderly, and convalescent patients. Because of the associated occupational responsibilities, candidates must demonstrate that they are healthy enough to care for such patients. A physical examination is required, as well as a dental exam and a negative chest x-ray. Alternatively, it is acceptable for the candidate to submit verification that he/she has undergone a complete physical, 12 months prior to the start date of classroom training.

When it comes to finding free or reduced training, most facilities offer classes on first come, first served basis or as a component of conditional employment. At participating nursing home and assisted living facilities, CNA certification is part of on- the-job training.

Another way to receive training for those who are unable to pay for it is to apply for a scholarship or grant. Because of the lack of new job opportunities after a prolonged period of unemployment, there are many government grant programs, which offer financial assistance, in the form of grants for the long-term unemployed. These federal grants help qualified job seekers strengthen their employability by training for a new in-demand career field. The Texas Workforce Commission provides CNA training grants from the Skill Development fund.

The Workforce and Continuing Education Department in corporation with the federal government offers free CNA training to low income individuals, who are between the ages of 17 and 21. Contact the Texas Department of Workforce and Continuing Department, to find out if you qualify for assistance. Free educational CNA training is also available at Job Corps Centers located throughout Texas. Prospective students must be between the ages of 16 and 24.

It is possible to find additional information about free resources for online CNA training courses. However, because of the constraints of a weak economy, many programs listed on the Internet are no longer active. A number of the program participants had to tighten their budgets to remain operational. As a result, there are fewer free online training programs.

Certain private healthcare organizations provide free classroom training. These conditional scholarships require that the candidate remain under the employ of the provider for a designated period, usually for a length of six months or more. Usually year round CNA training is available as a mainstay of the core curriculum at accredited community colleges, they also provide need based financial aid and scholarships.

Additionally, numerous federally funded programs help disable people find gainful employment as a CNA. As long as the candidate can successfully demonstrate that, they can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. The training classes are free of charge for qualified individuals.

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  1. sandra benamo says:

    My sister got free cna training from Workforce in 2011. She loved the program and best part, didn’t cost her anything. She now works as a cna in a hospital.

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