CNA Classes and Training in Grand Rapids, MI

Certified nursing assistants are in demand, and this demand should remain stable or increase in the near future in Grand Rapids and across the country. If you are interested in a medical career, enjoy helping others and can lift up to 50 pounds, then becoming a CNA may be right for you. Here is more information about becoming a CNA in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

CNA Training Facilities

cna_michiganIn Grand Rapids, Walker Medical Instructional Services, Everest Institute and Goodwill Industries offer certified training courses for CNA. Contact the facilities for more information. You may be able to do some coursework online – however, you will need to do your clinical coursework in a standard setting. Many CNA courses fill up quickly, so register and enroll well in advance of the start date.

Training Requirements

Michigan requires 75 hours minimum of coursework for CNA training. Most courses are longer. In order to enroll in a course, you must have a high school diploma or a GED, consent to a background check and a have medical examination.

You can expect your coursework to include science, patient nutrition, compassionate care, medical terminology, patient hygiene, CPR, ethics in patient care, legal issues in medical care, vital signs – this includes learning to take pulse and blood pressure readings – infection control and more.

After you have completed training, you must take a state exam to receive your CNA license. This exam includes a written test and a clinical skills test, which covers basic knowledge such as hygiene, dealing with bio-hazardous waste, ethical patient care and more.

CNA Salary and Employment in Grand Rapids, MI

The average CNA salary in Michigan falls between $20,000 and $24,000 per year. You may make more than that, depending on the particular facility you work for and your job experience.

Your training institution can provide help with job placement. Take advantage of all of the available assistance to make your job hunt easier.

As a CNA, you may work in patients’ homes as a home health CNA, in a nursing home, or in a hospital or other medical facilities. Within the first year after graduation, you may be eligible for significant tuition reimbursement from the government if you work at a facility that accepts Medicaid and Medicare patients.

CNA Job Description

As a CNA, your tasks may vary slightly, depending on the institution. In most cases, you will be in charge with keeping the patient clean, which includes bathing the patient and cleaning the patient’s environment. Caring for patient hygiene can also include clipping the patient’s nails, combing the patient’s hair, caring for wounds and helping the patient with brushing teeth or denture care.

You will also take the patient’s vital signs and be responsible for acting quickly and efficiently if there is an emergency.

CNAs assist patients with mobility problems in getting from one area to another. This can mean pushing a wheelchair or helping the patient walk so that he or she does not fall.

You may have additional tasks assigned to you beyond those mentioned here.

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