How Much Do CNAs Make In California?

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs are responsible for grooming and taking care of patients. They are often supervised by registered nurses. In fact, they are part of a medical team. CNAs have the option to work either a full-time or part-time schedule. CNA salaries greatly depends on the place where they work. There are a number of factors that determine their rates such as the location, experience and employers.

CNAs who are just starting their careers in California can expect to earn somewhere between $9.25 and $12.75 per hour. However, some employers will give CNAs incentives if the work third shift. Overtime hours may also be available depending on the facility. Some of them have fixed hours while others are flexible. Aside from the base pay, CNAs also receive pay incentives including paid holidays. However, these incentives are only offered to employees who have worked at the facility for a period of three months. Although long term care facilities and nursing homes may require CNAs to work longer hours, these facilities tend to offer lower salaries.

For experienced California CNAs and those with additional training and education, the rate of pay is much higher than a newly hired CNA. CNAs with no experience receive an annual income between $20,000 and $30,000. Experienced CNAs have an edge as they can earn anywhere from $28,000 to $35,000 per year. Experienced CNAs will also get incentives and additional benefits that include paid time off.

The location where CNAs work can also have a huge impact on their salary range. The amount of money CNAs can make is influenced by whether they work in an urban or rural area. On average, CNAs are paid $13 an hour. In high paying areas like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, hourly rates may be $16 an hour or more.

CNAs can be qualified for employment once they complete a 75-hour training program. After the training, they are required to take clinical and written exams. Once they have passed, they will be registered and eligible to apply for jobs. CNAs often get additional training in order to increase their hourly earnings. For a CNA with an associate degree in nursing, hourly rates may range between $9.37 and $12.20. Additional certifications can also influence their hourly rates. CNAs who work on weekends and holidays also have higher hourly rates. Higher rates of pay are also available for those working third shift.

Based on a report, there are more women in the nursing industry than men. However, men still out-earn women. Male nursing aides in California receive $386 on a weekly basis while female aides earn $367 per week.

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